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We are an affiliate of the Alpaca Owners Association

You have reached one of the most active regional Alpaca organizations in the country. We are dedicated to the “Ethical Promotion of all Things Alpaca.” Our members know us as “A-OK.” Alpacas of Oklahoma provides a wide variety of services. We support existing farms and ranches in addition to welcoming those who are new to our industry. Join us to add value to the Alpaca Experience. Our members have a resource that supports the health and Alpacas of Oklahoma at Wings in 2018welfare of their herds, and we are proud to be a part of Oklahoma’s growing agricultural tradition. And you can use this web site to go to locate Oklahoma alpaca farms you can visit, high quality alpacas available to purchase, first class educational programs, and practical tips to help you enjoy your own alpaca experience.

Watch this Alpaca Video!

Here is a YouTube link to a very well produced  of “Inside the Alpaca Industry“. So check out this 8 minute long video to learn the basics about alpacas and the alpaca industry. The Alpaca Owners Association, Inc. produced this video.

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Browse the Alpacas of Oklahoma web site to learn more about us. We believe we are the best state in the union to become part of the alpaca phenomenon.

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We encourage our members to help future alpaca owners find the Alpacas of Oklahoma site, alpacasofoklahoma.com so, consider adding links onto your farm or ranch website. You are welcome to use our Logo below on your own farm or ranch page. Link it to our website. Then like our Facebook page and share it on your webpage as well.

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