ANNUAL DUES are due January 1st of each year for the calendar year.

New Members or Current Members can begin or renew their annual A-OK Membership below. A-OK Membership provides wonderful benefits that our members enjoy all year long! A-OK Membership operates upon a calendar year schedule beginning in January. 

The yearly membership dues are $75.00.  

  • We are pleased to offer free membership to Junior Members that are 18 and under.  Our desire is to encourage interest in our industry whether you own Alpacas or not. Please contact our webmaster, Charles Ashley, at 972-897-3344 so that he can complete your registration.

You also have the option of becoming an A-OK Benefactor. For an additional $75.00 per year you receive several excellent benefits.

  • Your ad will appear at the top of our website’s homepage in a random and timed rotation with other A-OK Benefactors. This ad, which you will design and supply via email to A-OK’s webmaster, will be hyperlinked to your website. It’s a great way to get your name out to those that visit our website! 

First, determine how you will be paying for your dues:



A-OK Membership Status

You may also choose to mail a check or money order for your Dues/Benefactor payment to our Treasurer. Be sure to make out your payment to Alpacas of Oklahoma
($75 for Basic Membership, $150 for Basic Membership + Benefactor).
Then mail to:

Betsy Morehead
119 N Crawford Ave.
Norman OK 73069

Next, IF YOU ARE JOINING FOR THE FIRST TIME click on the following link to add your information to our files. 


Required Membership Information