February 6 2018

AOK 2018 Letter to membership and wanna be members
From your Board
January, 2018
The January 13, 2018 Education and Membership meeting is behind us. The election at the meeting
was basically uneventful with the two board members who had terms expiring agreed to run for another 3 year term. Nominations from the floor produced several potential future applicants but no one ready to serve in 2018. Therefore, our two existing board members, Al Boyce and Karla Moore were re-elected to a three year term by acclamation.

ALL, please pay your 2018 membership dues by the end of February. $75.00 for annual dues (January through December). You can pay through the A OK website using paypal or send a check to our treasurer: W. John Robinson (John 2) in Agra, OK. Contact information is on the A OK member page.
New program we are experimenting with in 2018. Benefactor membership. For an additional $75, any current member can become a benefactor member with the added benefit of having the member’s farm/ranch logo as a rotating banner on A OK home web page. Hyperlink to your website. This is a work in progress and open to all current paid members for the extra $75.
A OK Budget Discussion: The board is working hard to help reduce operation costs that have included: telephone conference costs, website and domain name charges, constant contact charges, show registration website costs, basic overhead, insurance, show related costs, etc. Currently the membership dues have not covered the fixed costs. It is hoped that the addition of benefactor membership will help the organization as well as help promote those ranches/farms that take the step to become benefactors of our non-profit organization whose purpose is “the education and ethical promotion of all things alpaca.” We are an agriculture education non-profit. Currently, thanks to the last alpaca show A OK members produced and sponsored, our organization is solvent for another year. Thanks to all who donated money (sponsors), time, talent and products to help make the show a financial and public awareness success.
Membership Activities for 2018:

January 13, 2018: Membership meeting held in Newcastle, OK. Education: Liz Mitchko: Merchandising marketing and booth structure for successful sale of your fiber products. Excellent to RAVE reviews from our 22 participants.
March 8-15: Oklahoma Youth Expo (OYE) to be held at Oklahoma City State Fair Grounds. All members are invited to participate. Watch for more info, coming soon. Basic concept: Advance Alpaca Education among the 7,000+- youth and their families that are involved in 4H and FFA in the state of Oklahoma. Cost: $100 per participating ranch, 5% of gross sales at the event (all go to A OK to help offset the $900 cost of the booth rental). Space is limited and we may have to do this on a first come, first served basis. Sheila Robinson is coordinating. More Later
April: usually shearing month for Oklahoma alpaca owners.
May-July: Potential participation in the ACOA bale project. Details to come.
May –September: Potential education Event: Kerry Bates working on this project.
September-October: Membership meeting to finalize A OK Alpaca Show and Holiday Shopping Blastoff. Date to be determined.
October: Possible participation in WINGS, Edmond, OK. Donation to Wings and opportunity for participating members to sell alpaca products.
November 8-11: Alpaca Blastoff Show in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Mid-America Expo Center.
Spread the word. Alpacas are livestock. Alpacas are easy on the land. Alpacas produce a fiber cash crop once a year. Join A OK and enjoy the benefits of networking with like-minded alpaca lovers: reduced prices at our sponsored show, availability of discounted price education events, availability to participate in events that promote the alpaca industry (your industry), social networking via facebook and the internet to make your enterprise and alpacas more visible to the public. Join us and enjoy the ride.
Thanks to all who participate in A OK (we are all volunteers for a great industry).
John Robinson aka John 1
President A OK 2018