July 2015

2015 Blast Off Notes July 9th, 2015
Attending: Sherry Alpert, Michael Alpert, Bob Erickson, Sheila Robinson, John Robinson, Al Bosch, Gail Stymerski, Karon Storm, Terease Dacus, Karla Moore, Janice Robinson

AOA Certification: Karon Storm
Certification approved and on AOA website.

Judges: Karon Storm
Kristin Buhrmann: Fleece, Female and co judge production, and Sara Jane Maclennan: male and cojudge production. Contracts are signed They arrange own hotel and transportation.

Photographer: Karon Storm
Josh Bell is confirmed.

Stall lay out: Karon Storm
Dryco has sent contract. Bob forwarded to John for payment

Event: Janice Robinson
Contract signed and paid

Hotels: Janice Robinson
Fairfield Inn and LaQuinta block set up Friday and Saturday rate $104. No OSU home games

Show Book:
Terry Bradford
Volunteers: John Robinson (2)
Plan for obtaining.

Kids Activity: Sherry Alpert ,Rebekah Silverstein
Rebekah been notified and we will have table. Rebekah needs roving for projects.

Saturday Noon: Gail Stymerski, Sheila Robinson, Kathy Heard

Farm to Fiber to Fashion: Sheila Robinson and Gail Stymerski

AOA booklet purchased for distribution at the show.

Moving forward and developing ideas. Will have noon activity focused around the Fleece, Fiber and Display area. Will not try to do a “noon activity” parade etc.—spreads our volunteers too thin and we have plenty to talk about in the demonstration area. Will have alpaca 101 at the Pet a Paca Pen and showcase demonstrations on alpacas and their fleece.
Gail has contacted Kathy and will see if she wants to help at the show.

Alpaca 101 at Pet a Paca- will have printed flier with Alpaca 101 and names and contact info of current A-OK members. Janice has file for flier. Al can print.

Vendors: Shelia Robinson
Report on progress. Sheila has been in contact with a variety vendors.

Check in: Bob Erickson, Al Boyce, and John Robinson (2)

Advertising: Al Boyce, Gail Stymerski
Magazines: Suri network done, American Livestock done, Alpaca Culture: decided to create ½ page ad.
Al and Michael will work on the ad and forward to Betty with Alpaca Culture.
Other advertising, Info on free calendars: Sherry Alpert will research places we can put our information on web sites.
Bill board on Waterloo—what months –who will contact. Janice

TV Spot: Janice Robinson
Bill Cavanaugh contacted-will do TV spot,
Pet a Paca confirmed-Yes

E-mails: Michael Alpert
Michael will send out first e-mails from Show time. To send soon. Will discuss if we want AOA also.

Brochure: Michael Alpert
Printed and available for distribution.

Web-Site: Michael Alpert
Live for registration. Early bird registration is over September 30, 2015. Same pricing as previous year. Date is on Lazy E calendar
Registrations: halter to Bob Erickson, Fleece to Sherry Alpert, Fiber to Sheila Robinson. Bob and John will work on monies and keep records. Few updates needed for website-.

Mailed to 637 AOA ranches June 1. Cost of magnet and mailing about $1.00 each.

Hospitality: Karon Storm, Janice Robinson
A-Ok board needs to be updated. Janice and Sheila will inventory trailer when the weather is cooler.
Will check on the A-OK board.
Alpaca 101 with members on back for distribution.
Will have warm place with heaters if weather is cold

AFCNA Pick Up: Janice Robinson
AFCNA Memebership: #20 lb of fiber Grade 5 or lower, AFCNA will skirt, 2”
Level 1: $1- will be paid for fiber
Level 2: $250 Will be paid for fiber and can purchase goods wholesale
Are listed on AFCNA website as pick up site.

Silent Auction: Therese Dacus

Herdsire Silent Auction: Sheila Robinson, Michael Alpert,
Will promote A-OK Members. 3 huacaya 3 suri

Live Auction: Karla Moore

Items: Bob Erickson will contact Alpacaease, Janice will contact American Livestock for ad, Janice will contact
Prairie State for donations for Made in OK baskets.

Facebook: Al Boyce, Terry Bradford

Show Vet: Dr. Patty Maness—needs to be confirmed.

Next show meeting August 6th, Thursday 7:00 pm