September 2015

Show Committee Meeting September, 2015

Sherry Alpert, Michael Alpert, Bob Erickson, Sheila Robinson, John Robinson (2)
Gail Stymerski, Terry Bradford, Al Boyce, Karla Moore, Janice Robinson, Steve Hull

Inventory Show Trailer: We have the vests, 100 +/- show bags, obstacles, ribbon inventory.
Completed by Sheila Robinson, Janice Robinson and Karla Moore.

Sheila: Vendor information coming in, needs Suri and Huacaya Fleece to display on Skirting table on Saturday. Bob will have a lap top computer there we can use on Saturday. Janice will bring TV for DVD.

Live Auction: Karla Moore
Alpaca Ease will be contacted by Bob Erickson, American Livestock contacted by Janice Robinson,
Michael and Sherry may have a Pyrenees puppy. Discussion about donating stall for 2016. Possible time share by Karla Moore. Made in Oklahoma Basket from Prairie State donation-Janice will contact Debra Gale.

AOA Darby Veneer possibly might come set up AOA booth and speak on Saturday night. Steve Hull will get info.

AFCNA pick up: Terry Bradford will bring scale. Janice will contact AFCNA for info on shipping.

Herdsire silent auction: 60% breeder and 40 % A-OK. Increased from previous 50/50. Breeder will provide contract. Can enter ½ page info in show book. Need good quality pho and information including ARI number, DOB, awards and offspring. Janice and Sheila will contact A-OK members for 3 Huacaya and 3 Suri proven herdsires. Must have at least a blue ribbon in halter at a level 3 show.

Lazy E tour: Janice contacted Helen about tour-not available until later-many people on vacation. Is OK to have propane heaters- must have fire extinguisher immediately available. Catering will be same as last year-Karla will visit with Helen and cater menu. Will schedule tour for all later.

Next meeting October 1st. Thursday 7:00 pm
Respectively submitted:
Janice Robinson