General Meeting Minutes from 7-12-2015

In attendance:
Steve Hull (Board President) Timber Lake Farms
Thereasa Dacus (Board Vice President) Circle of Dreams Farm
John Robinson (2) (Board Treasurer) Land Run Alpacas
Al Boyce (Board member) Answered Prayers Alpaca Ranch
Michael Alpert (Board Member) Awesome ‘Pacas and Pyrs
Karla Moore (Board member) Alpacas and More
Janice & John Robinson Just Right Alpacas
Sherry Alpert Awesome ‘Pacas and Pyrs
Gail Stymerski Answered Prayers Alpaca Ranch
Elaine Christensen & Gage Rust Double Bar Y
Bob Erickson Broken Arrow Alpacas
Shelia Robinson Land Run Alpacas
Bobby & Diane Dickerson Rockin D
Kerry & Terri Bates Magnolia Blossom Ranch
Lloyd Moore Alpacas and More

Lunch was Hosted by Pizza hut in Guthrie, OK

Steve gave a report on the AOA National Fleece Show; more than 550 fleeces were shown, bad news was only 110 people were in attendance. Congrats to Bobby and Diane Dickerson on winning a Championship at this show. There is a ongoing discussion of holding this show in conjunction with Fiber University in Lebanon, MO for the next year.

The AOA National Halter show will be held in March at Ft Wayne IN.

AOA is hosting National Farm Days in Sept. Check on the website for details and cost of having your farm listed.

The AOA alternative use for Alpacas committee is looking at other avenues besides terminal market for alpacas.

Shelia Robinson gave a report on our event scheduled for Oct 10th and the 24th at Wings, she needs to know who would like to come be a vendor, and bring animals to show off on those dates. She also has brochures for people who would want them.

Janice Robinson (Event Coordinator) gave a report on the upcoming show and some of the new and exciting events planned for it.
John Robinson (2) asked for volunteers for the show and distributed a signup sheet send him an e-mail if you were not present and able to help in some aspect this year.

John Robinson (2) and Bob Erickson gave a report on the outcome of the Audit conducted this year, good news it came out clean with few exceptions.

Thereasa Dacus gave a report on the HLA Fiber Mill and showed some of the wonderful roving she had made there. More information can be found on their website. (http://www.hlafibermill.com)

That led us to the Educational portion of our meeting where we met Donna (name) from the Weavery in Downtown Guthrie at the Art Center. She gave a demonstration of loom weaving as well as instructional talk on the services offered there. A tour and talk was the main portion and was well received by all in attendance.