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Greetings from Alpacas of Oklahoma!  We are an Oklahoma based group of Alpaca owners and breeders and part of the  national organization, Alpaca Owners Association (AOA). You are invited to partner with Alpacas of Oklahoma (A-OK) as we bring a unique livestock show, with Championship genetics and Southern hospitality to Chickasha!

On November 11-13, 2022, we have our A-OK Alpaca Blast-Off Show/A-OK Rose Rock Re-Entry Show in the Grady County Fairgrounds and Event Center.  This year marks our 16th year for the A-OK Alpaca Blast-Off Show—and our first Rose Rock Re-Entry Show which is held concurrently.  We are very excited about our new location, as it continues to offer opportunities to grow and improve our Show.  It has even gained the attention of many around the nation! For this reason, we are expecting an even greater number of exhibitors, vendors, and general public visitors to attend this year.  We are expanding our promotion and advertising for the show to include some appearances on local radio and television stations, local publications and community event listings, flyers, post card mail out, eBlasts and several social media platforms.  We are also members of the Chickasha Chamber of Commerce.

The weekend will be open free of charge to the public and will consist of judging of several hundred Alpacas in Halter and Walking Fleece competitions, youth and adult handlers competing with their Alpacas in Performance competition, judging of the Shorn Fleeces, a Photo contest, Vendors, and a Silent Auction.   Meet and Greet hors d’oeuvres will be served for Exhibitors, Sponsors & Benefactors on Friday evening and a ticketed Banquet will take place on Saturday evening, November 12th.  None of this would be possible without the generosity of our Sponsors and Benefactors.

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Our Story:

The initial importation of Alpacas into the United States began in the mid-1980s, but the Oklahoma Alpaca industry did not begin to mature until the late 1990s.  By 2002, 14 Alpaca farms were active in Oklahoma, and these Oklahoma Alpaca pioneers determined that they could best be served by forming their own organization.

First known as “Heart of Oklahoma Alpaca Breeders (HOOAB)”, A-OK was formed as an official affiliate of the national organization, known then as Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA) in 2004 with those 14 farms.  The first Alpaca Show was held in September of 2004 at the Oklahoma State Fair.  In April of 2006, A-OK was incorporated and designated as a Non-Profit organization.  We are a 501(c)(5) organization.

The inaugural A-OK Alpaca Blast-Off Show was held in January of 2007 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.  In the Fall of 2012, we changed our show dates to November.  Currently, there are over 40 farms, ranches, and fiber mills in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Colorado that make up the A-OK membership.  Alpacas of Oklahoma provides its members with a wide variety of services designed to support existing farms and ranches in addition to welcoming those that are new to the Alpaca industry.  A-OK adds value to the Alpaca experience and gives its members a resource that supports the health and welfare of Alpacas through frequent formal educational events and seminars as well as networking and round table discussions to share valuable information and real-life experience with one another.

You are invited to partner with Alpacas of Oklahoma (A-OK) as we bring a unique livestock show, with Championship genetics and Southern hospitality to Chickasha.

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