Check-In at the A-OK Shows

Checking in at the A-OK Shows is designed to be exhibitor-friendly and quick. It requires a little participation on your part to make everything run smoothly.  Please familiarize yourself with these instructions and bring a printed copy from your desktop computer with you.

 Check-in Friday 10:00AM to 8:00PM
NOTE: If you realize that you will be late checking in on Friday night, please call/text Judy Schroeder  at (540) 797-1985 to make arrangements for Vet Check and Color Check.

 Have the following paperwork with you:

  • *PRINTED PAPER* CVI—Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (Vet Health Papers) >>>with a copy for the show.<<< (You will retain the original.)
    • PLEASE—print out and bring this form if you receive it from your vet electronically. We MUST have a printed copy for our files!
    • These should include Microchip numbers or Ear Tag ID and BVDV test results including the Type of Testing – PCR or VI. 
    • This test MUST be a PCR type if done after 01/01/2010. 
    • If done prior to 01/01/2010, VI (Virus Isolation) is acceptable. 
    • Oklahoma does not require TB/Brucellosis testing for this show, however, your own state may require these tests for re-entry.
    • The date of the CVI should be within 30 days of the end of the show.
  • Copies of your AOA Registration Certificates – just in case
  • Copy of your Exhibitor Disclosure Form – also just in case
  • Permission To Show form(s) – if applicable

 Check-In Procedure:

  • Your destination is Grady County Fairgrounds, 500 E Choctaw Ave, Chickasha, OK 73018
  • In order to facilitate correct traffic flow, please enter the Grady County Fairgrounds & Event Center at the northeast corner on US 277/US 62/OK Hwy 9 and follow the signs to Alpaca Check-In. (See map below)
  • Once onto the Fairgrounds…
  • Go past the Event Center (a few prior turns if taking either entrance)
    • At the back/south side of the Event Center turn right to travel toward the back of the Indoor Arena which is the next building on your right.
    • Stop at the covered awning (or in line with those before you) between the Indoor Area on your right and the Junior Arena on your left. (See map below.)  
    • NOTE: Please do not block the driveway between the Event Center and the Indoor Arena as there may be traffic needing to flow through after they have unloaded.
Click Here for a map to the Grady County Fairgrounds & Event Center
  • A representative of your ranch should go into the large Arena door to the Check-In Area.  
    • Please have your paperwork with you!  
    • Identify your ranch.  
    • Alpacas will be Vet-checked on the trailer.
    • Once Vet-checked, you will be given a Check-In Sheet.  This is very important.  You cannot get into the Arena without it.  
    • A Post-it note with your Ranch and driver’s cell phone should be placed inside your front window.  Please do not remove this.
  • A volunteer will direct you into the unloading areas on the west or east side of the Indoor Arena. 
    • Pull up to one of the large doors closest to your stalls, and unload.   
    • There will be a large stall map inside the arena at the back of the building near the vet check station.
  • Volunteers with 4-wheel Gators will help you unload if needed. Please unload all your gear and your animals as quickly as possible. 
    • Once unloaded, pull your trailer to the trailer parking area on the southwest corner of the facility.  
    • PLEASE—DO NOT SET UP YOUR STALLS UNTIL YOU HAVE REMOVED YOUR TRAILER FROM THE UNLOADING DOORWAYS.  There simply is not enough room to leave unloaded trailers at the doorways.
  • Stalling at the Blastoff is on concrete. 
    • Each stall will be provided with a bag of pelletized bedding. 
    • Stall mats are highly recommended to be placed on top of the bedding. 
    • Please bring your own mats. 
    • Please be sure to bring appropriate Gate Closures. A-OK does NOT provide these!
  • As soon as you can, take your animals and the check-in sheet to Compliance Checking in the show ring.
  • Once you have been Compliance-checked, exchange your pink sheet for your show numbers and exhibitor packet with the volunteer who is set up at Compliance Checking.  
    • You will also be asked to settle up any fees owed at this time.  
    • This must be done before you can obtain your Show numbers and packet. 
    • Numbers needing color/class change will be retained and returned to you once the new class is assigned.  Listen for announcements!
  • Biosecurity—You may wish to consider hanging a barrier such as a tarp or drape to minimize contact. 
  • Thanks for being nice to the volunteers.  Remember, they are volunteers and we really need their help!  Enjoy the show and we welcome any suggestions for making things better.
  • Questions about this website may be addressed to our A-OK Webmaster:
    Email Charles Ashley

November 11-13, 2022