Board Minutes Feb 10 2019

Alpacas of Oklahoma

Board Meeting

February 10, 2019

4:00 p.m.

Board Members Present:

Debbie Ashley – President

Greg Summers – Vice President

John Robinson 2 – Treasurer

Karla Moore – Secretary

Al Boyce – Member at Large

Chris Collins – Member at Large

Kerry Bates – Member at Large

John Robinson 1 – Ad Hoc Advisor

Board Members Absent: 0

Guests: Janice Robinson – Show Superintendent

Gail Stymerski – OYE Contact

Lynn Summers

Approval of Minutes:

            Motion to approve minutes from the Membership Meeting from 1/26/19 was          made by Al Boyce.

            Motion was seconded by Chris Collins.

            Motion was approved by unanimous vote


  1. Board Resolutions regarding bank accounts and Pay Pal

            Motion by John Robinson 2 to accept the attached Board Resolutions regarding             access to the credit card, bank account and Pay Pal account

                        Discussion: It was recommended that the President (Debbie Ashley), the

                        Vice President (Greg Summers), and the Treasurer (John Robinson 2)

                        have access to the accounts until their term expires or at such time as                    are removed from the Board.  John Robinson 2 agreed assure that the

                        change is made within the next 30 days.

            Motion by Al Boyce that the resolutions be accepted as written.  The motion was

            seconded by Chris Collins

            The motion was carried by unanimous vote.

  • OYE (Oklahoma Youth Expo) – Gail Stymerski, Board Contact

                        Discussion: Gail will send a request to the membership regarding

                        participation in OYE.  There will be two levels of participation

                                    Vendors who will pay $100 plus 5% of their profit

                                    Volunteers who are not selling and just there to man the booth

                        There was discussion about doing away with the 5% that the Vendors paid

                        last year.

            Motion by Chris Collins to do away with the 5% and evaluate again next year.     The motion was seconded by Karla Moore.  The motion was passed by a        majority vote.

  • AOK Education event May 18, 2019 – Parasite Identification and Treatment

                        Discussion: Al Boyce has volunteered to coordinate the event and has                spoken to Patty Maness.  He will also speak to Steve Hull and will

                        report back to the group at the next meeting.

  •  Education Calendar 2019

                        Discussion: It was decided to do a late summer education event on

                        fiber prep and/or Agritourism.  Kerry Bates (Education Coordinator)

                        will get information and report back to the board.

  • Education Fee

                        Discussion: There was discussion about the fee for educational events.

                        Kerry Bates (Education Coordinator) recommended that we keep it in                     within the $25-$35 range.  However, it was decided to table the discussion

                        until the prices of the events can be determined.

  •  Budget for 2019

            a. Alpaca Blastoff

            Motion was made by Al Boyce to set the budget for the Alpaca Blastoff

            within the $25,000 – $30,000 range.  The motion was seconded by Kerry

            Bates and approved unanimously.

  • Fixed expenses

            John Robinson 2 stated that the fixed expenses would be the same as last

            they were last year.

  • AOK Website

                        Discussion: Al Boyce will be updating the website and Lynn Summers

                        will continue doing the banner.

  • Additional items from the floor

                        Discussion: Chris Collins stated that he had set up the Band app for                     constant contact and suggested that we try it to see how it works.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 by Debbie Ashley, President