Board Minutes Jan 26 2019

Alpacas of Oklahoma

Board Meeting

January 26. 2019

The Board met after the general meeting during which new board members were elected.  Debbie Ashley and Chris Collins were elected by to membership to be new members of the Board.

During the board meeting new officers were elected.

Debbie Ashley – President

Greg Summers – Vice President

John Robinson 2 – Treasurer

Karla Moore – Secretary

Al Boyce – Member at Large

Kerry Bates – Member at Large

John Robinson 1 – ad hoc advisor

Education Events for the year:

Discussion: There was discussion about educational events for the upcoming year.  There was agreement that there should be some sort of parasite education for one of the educational events for this year.

Motion: A motion was made by Al Boyce to have a parasite education event on May 18, 2019 conducted by Patty Maness and Steve Hull.

The motion was seconded by Karla Moore.

The motion was approved by a unanimous vote.

Al Boyce agreed to follow up with Patty and Steve.

Pay Pal Account Access:

Discussion: There was a discussion about who should have access to the AOK accounts ( Bank of America, Pay Pal, and credit card).

Motion: A motion was made by Chris Collins that the President, Vice President and Treasurer have access to the accounts.

The motion was seconded by Al Boyce and approved by unanimous vote.

A time will be scheduled during which the three (President, Vice President and Treasurer) can go to the bank and be added to the accounts.

Oklahoma Youth Expo

Discussion: There was a discussion regarding the handling of the expenses for OYE this year.  In the past AOK has paid for the booths and put up the first $200 cash.  Then the vendors paid a flat fee plus 5% of their profits.  There was a question whether AOK should continue to put up the first $200.  It was agreed that this should be discussed with the OYE committee and a representative from that committee should attend the next board meeting.

Communication Among Members

Discussion: Chris suggested an new app for communication among members.  The app is called Band and he has used it in the past with success.  He will look into making this available at least for board member communications.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:45 p.m. by President Debbie Ashley