Aug 26th

Just wanted to provide you more information about our 4-H show demo that we will be doing that the livestock show during the McClain County Fair in Purcell on Saturday, August 26th. Since it is a 4-H event, they would prefer that “kids” show the alpacas in the demo, not adults. My niece & 2 nephews, Eva, Andrew & Porter Beaty, want to do it & I’m waiting to hear back from Amy Pomerantz on her availability & hoping that her little brother, Zack will want to show Amy’s little female Suri (Judy). Zack is already accustomed to working with Judy, but I will have the other kids come here 2 or 3 times a week up until the 26th to work with my 3 huacaya alpacas. They are all very good on a lead, so its just getting the pacas & kids to work together. We had our first session yesterday and they did fairly well. Amy will act as Ring Steward & be in the ring to help in case they have an unruly alpaca. Amy will also set up 3 or 4 obstacles (something simple) so that Zack & Judy could demo the obstacle course right after the judging demo. If Amy and Zack cannot attend, we will just go with mock judging of the 3 huacayas & Al can act as Ring Steward; then a display of the adult alpaca in the ring afterwards.

Date: Saturday, August 26

Where: McClain County Fair, County Expo Center

1715 Hardcastle Blvd, Purcell, OK 73080


Transport: Kerry, Terri (& Al/Gail) will bring our huacayas and pick up Amy’s Suri about 10:30am-ish, allowing for driving & setup time by noon. Amy/Zack can ride with us, or come separately in their own vehicle (not necessary for Amy & Zack to be there til about 2pm, but can come any time they want). My brother & sister-in-law will probably bring the 3 other kids so that they can watch their kids in the demo, but if not, we will pick them up – they don’t live too far from Amy. Janice & John can come around 2pm-ish if they prefer not to be there as long – their choice). We will pack up and leave immediately after the demos (don’t expect the demos to last longer than 30 min.)

Alpaca Pen: Petting/viewing/AOK info table 12pm-3pm (Gail, Al, Terri & Kerry)-Gail, could you bring a few samples of handmade fiber items? I’ll bring brochures, etc.

We will also bring an adult female just to show full size and temperament.

Demos: 3:00pm

Janice – Judge (going through the motions as would a judge in an actual show)

John1 – Announcer – make opening comments explaining who AOK & AOA is, and some background about alpacas & the industry.

Then, begin the judging demo & explain to the crowd what the judge is doing as Janice goes through the motions.

Immediately after judging demo, comments on obstacle course demo & adult huacaya on lead; comments about ease of handling & challenges.

Amy or Al – Ring Steward (Amy can set up the obstacles while John is making the opening comments)

Alpaca Handlers/Show Alpacas:

Andrew Beaty (age 14)/Obsidian’s Lady Marideth (16mo old yearling/Medium Rose Gray/Huacaya/female)

Eva Beaty (age 11)/Retta’s Crimson Starre (22mo yearling/Dark Brown/Huacaya/female)

Porter Beaty (age 9)/Courtney’s Cocoa Chanel (10mo juvenile/Medium Rose Gray-Med Brown (indef gray)/Huacaya/female)

Zack Pomerantz (age 13)/Judy (Age?/Color?/Suri/female)

Obstacle course: Zack/Judy (with Amy’s assistance)

Adult Alpaca in ring: Al, Kerry, or Terri?/LNA Retta (Age 8yrs/Med Rose Gray/Huacaya/female)

To be paraded out in ring during the obstacle course so that the crowd can also see an adult on lead.

Should be on our way home by 3:45-4:00pm after packing up.

Please reply with any comments, suggestions or questions. Feel free to invite other AOK members. Thanks!

Terri Bates

Terri Bates, Owner

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