General Meeting Minutes Jan 17th 2016

General Meeting Minutes Jan 17th 2016
From Al Boyce, Secretary A OK 2016
In attendance:
Amy Pomerantz, Gail Stymerski, Al Boyce, John(2) and Shelia Robinson, Janice and John (1) Robinson, Michael and Sherry Alpert, Don Akers and sons, Mike and Kathy Fleming, Tom and Judy Kania, Greg Summers, Marcia LaMunyon, Patti Maness, Terri Bradford, Terri and Kerry Bates, Elaine Christensen, Steve Hull, Bobby and Diane Dickerson, Lillian Dixson, Steve and Kathy Heard
Steve Hull, president, opened the meeting explaining the issues about 2015 educational event and how the board can determine if a similar event should be scheduled in 2016.
John (2) Robinson, treasurer, gave an overview of our A OK organization’s financial situation as well as a financial review of the 2015 show.
Amy Pomerantz volunteered to be the ad hoc representative to gather information for 4H involvement and to help gather data on county fairs, and other Youth involvement. (Suggested by Mike and Kathy Fleming.)
Shiela Robinson explained the State Youth Expo held on State Fair Grounds OKC contact and that communication had been opened. Possible coordination with Amy.
Terri Bates has experience with internet marketing and will help setting up a facebook communications strategy, page, and assist with work on the A OK main web site with the 2016 board.
Elaine Christensen asked membership for assistance. She has become the “alpaca rescue resource for western Oklahoma”. Contact Elaine.
Karla Moore’s desire to do a summer camp for children was mentioned. Karla not present at meeting. More information needed.
Much discussion was followed about how to increase information flow to members and to prospective members.
A discussion followed by a motion which members passed to keep the 2016 show at the Lazy E. The board and membership will use 2016 to look into other show venues for the 2017 show.
After nominations from floor, discussion, and several nominees withdrawing their names from consideration because of varying time constraints, two nominees remained and were elected by acclamation. John (1) Robinson and Shelia Robinson are the new 2016 A OK board members. Leaving the board were Steve Hull and Therease Dacus. A huge thank you was given for their service.
Steve Hull gave a brief AOA activity re-cap. Future discussion needed on fee structure and member benefits for members of AOA. Alpacas of Oklahoma is an AOA affiliate.
Shelia Robinson requested a joint Show committee and Board meeting at her ranch/home on February 7th at 1 pm. All agreed.
John(1) Robinson read a list of potential marketing, educational, farm/ranch events that could be used to meet member’s needs. This list will be posted on the Alpacas of Oklahoma web site: member section. You need a password to access. Pay dues and get access to the members only tab on the A OK web site. Add your feedback to the board which will then prioritize suggested activities and report to members after the February 7th meeting.
As stipulated in the by-laws, the board met immediately following the membership meeting and elected the board officers for 2016. A OK Board Officers: John B. Robinson, President. Sheila Robinson, Vice President. Al Boyce, Secretary. W. John Robinson (aka John 2) (married to Sheila) Treasurer, Michael Alpert-show committee. Karla Moore, at large (project to lead to be chosen). Rudy Casias, at large (project to lead to be chosen).